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What to expect

  Being prepared is important to me.  There will be a lot of details I'll need   from you.   So let’s take a look at what to expect.
Initial phone call:           
Please call early for reservations so I 
WHEW!  Sometimes this job is EXHAUSTING!! (Boz)can put you in my schedule. Once the slots are filled, it's too late.  It's first come, first served and slots fill up fast!  If you are in my service area we can schedule a time to meet for a free initial consultation.

Initial Consultation:
When I arrive at your home, the reaction your pet has towards me will probably be your first indicator of whether you will hire me or not.  Most animals accept me immediately. Its almost as if they can sense my genuine love and compassion for them.  Even the shy ones accept my presence usually to the owner's amazement!

We will need to discuss what duties you'll require of me and decide on your preference for the exchange of keys.  I ask for 2 keys keeping one locked up at the office for emergencies.  Both keys will be coded and locked up with a password-protected decoder for my reference only.  In no way will there be a connection between your keys, your security code, and your name or address except for the password protected decoder
CookieA Rags to Riches Story!  Check it out in our slideshow.                   
That's it!  You can now relax knowing your pets will be well taken care of in their own home and beds until you return!  Your babies will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

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